Classical Body Massage

Classical massage (in some languages it is called Swedish massage) is the most popular and famous type of massage in the Western world.

If you have never had a massage before, it is best to start with a classic massage. If you think your body needs a deeper development, and you can tolerate much pressure and even discomfort to relieve muscle aches, try a deep tissue massage, which is a type of classic body massage.


In general, depending on the preferences and needs of the client, as well as what techniques the masseur owns, a classic massage can be quite gentle and slow, as well as very intense and hard. Regardless of the variety of classic massage in faridabad, during the session the specialist must lubricate the client's body with massage oil. Then he performs various massage movements of different strengths and in different rhythms - they warm up the muscle tissue, relax the clamped muscles, relieve tension. Classical massage also promotes relaxation, both physical and psychological.

The principles of classical massage are based on the Western concept of anatomy and physiology, which is usually opposed to the theory of energy channels (meridians), with which people who practice Asian massage techniques work.

A standard classic full body massage parlour in faridabad session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes.

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